We are a citizenship law specialist, providing legal advice for applications for citizenship of the UK, Germany and Ireland. We specialise in aiding those with ancestral or family connections to these countries.

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Residence in the EU after Brexit for British Citizens

The British government currently has agreements with EU Member States, the European Economic Area and Switzerland to protect British citizens living or moving to those countries until the end of the transition period at midnight 31 December 2020. The Withdrawal Agreement is the basis for these rights and seeks to govern the relationship of the UK and EU until the end of 2020.

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New potential route for British National (Overseas) applicants to settle in the UK

Following developments in Hong Kong, the Home Office announced that the government will bring in a scheme to grant persons with British National (Overseas) passports the right to get ‘leave to stay’ and settle in the UK.

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German Citizenship Policy Changes

In September and October 2019 the German Interior Ministry released a new policy and updates to two previous policies regarding changes in German naturalisation requirements. These developments have lowered the naturalisation requirements for people of German descent in three specific groups, which previously experienced difficulties applying for German citizenship.

Bruce Mennell

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Brexit: How Will It Effect Dual German Citizenship?

With the imminent date of Brexit looming, the status of Germans in Britain hoping to naturalise in the UK and that of British nationals in Germany looking to obtain German citizenship has been cast in uncertainty.

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Overview of the EU Settlement Scheme

In our recent blog posts on German citizenship and the impact of Brexit, Passportia briefly outlined the new EU Settlement Scheme. The Home Office launched the public test phase for this scheme in January.

Michael Kest

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Final Call: British Citizenship for Germans in the UK

The Home Office is running its second trial for a newly presented post-Brexit EU Settlement Scheme. The programme is set to open fully by 30 March 2019 and will enable EU citizens to continue living in the UK after the end of the implementation period on 31 December 2020.

Michael Kest

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Very impressed

I am very impressed by the service I received from Passportia. The application process was easy and quick. Within hours of contacting them I had an answer as to whether I could get British Citizenship. Passportia were very helpful and started work on the application straight away. My application for British Citizenship was processed within 6 months.

Lindsay Hague

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Efficient & Thorough

Passportia is efficient, thorough and good at what they do. We managed to get UK passports with their help, they guided us through the complex process. They are reliable and accountable.

Eleisa Coster

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Passportia was great!

Passportia was great! Angelika did exactly as she said she would. It took a while, but passportia and Angelika were behind us the whole time. Well worth it! I highly recommend them. Thank you!

Toby Ballentine

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Highly recommend the services of Passportia

I would highly recommend the services of Passportia. They handled my application with the utmost professionalism and advice throughout the processes. I can especially commend Jamal for his support and commitment to a successful outcome.

Werner van Zyl

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Amazing Service!

Amazing service from Passportia, specifically Jamal. His continuous feedback, advice and professionalism when applying for my daughter's UK citizenship and passport put my mind at ease throughout the entire application process and the final turnaround time was much quicker and less stressful than I could have imagined. I would most definitely recommend their services for anyone who needs assistance or advice regarding UK citizenship.

Paul Reid

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I recently learned about an opportunity to claim my British Citizenship. I chose Passportia to assist me with the process. I was delighted by the prompt, courteous service and professionalism. Mr. Jamal handled all of the details and secured my citizenship without any difficulties. I highly recommend Passportia to any who may be considering an application for UK citizenship.

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Your prompt turnaround time was remarkable and the information you shared was most concise and valuable.

L.B. - Johannesburg, South Africa, 2015