We are a citizenship law specialist, providing legal advice for applications for citizenship of the UK, Germany and Ireland. We specialise in aiding those with ancestral or family connections to these countries.

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Discover how Passportia can assist you in exploring your citizenship eligibility and assist you in realising this.

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Get British Citizenship through Nationality and Borders Act

The Nationality and Borders Bill has moved slowly through the British Parliament. It should soon become the Nationality and Borders Act 2022. For many people with British ancestry and seeking British citizenship, this new law will be a bonanza.

Bruce Mennell

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The UK Nationality and Borders Bill 2021 could be good news!

A new law for British nationality law is going through the British Parliament. Under this new law as currently drafted, a new and exciting set of opportunities will appear.

Bruce Mennell

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Why should you use an OISC registered immigration advisor

In this day and age information can be found everywhere. But can it be interpreted correctly by someone who only applied for their own visa? What if something goes wrong with your application from advice shared on social media? You can end up getting barred from entering the UK for 10 years, with no chance of relocating out of your country. Using a legal advisor will mean you are covered under their legal indemnity insurance if something goes wrong. You don’t have that security if you get advice from a Facebook friend.

Emma Bashford

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Unmarried Fathers

In 2006, the UK government passed legislation that allowed those born after 2006 to claim British citizenship regardless of their parent’s marital status. Prior to this, claims through British fathers were only possible if the parents were married at the time of the child's birth, depending on where the child was born

Emma Bashford

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Good Character for ILR and Naturalisation

There is no exact definition of ‘good character’ in British Nationality legislation. However, good character applies to anybody over the age of 10 who is applying for naturalisation, resumption or Registration as a British citizen.

Emma Bashford

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New Regulations for visa and non-visa nationals entering the UK

UK Home Secretary Priti Patel confirmed the upcoming changes to UK visa policy. She stated that the new ETA system will provide the government with more accurate migration information, security, and to will improve UK border control.

Emma Bashford

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I could not recommend Passportia more highly!

Passportia is the real deal. My claim to British citizenship was approved by the UK government without any questions asked, a testament to the comprehensive research the company is able to perform. Mine was a complicated case, but Jamal was able to cut through the complexities and present a solid legal argument based on UK nationality and immigration law. Service and responsiveness were always excellent with questions answered and problems solved with no fuss. I could not recommend Passportia more highly!

Empty Buddha

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Nothing but positive things to say

Nothing but positive things to say about Passportia. I had done some research for companies online and as I live in Canada was unsure who to choose. I spoke to a friend in the UK who recommended Passportia. Everything was done via email or over the phone and I felt that they were confident and could handle my application.

Very professional and always there to assist with documentation requirements, questions and expectations.

I have passed on Passportia info to several of my friends looking to apply for their UK citizenship as well.

It took about 6 mths but received my letter of confirmation for citizenship and now waiting on a date for the citizenship ceremony thanks to Mr. Jamal.

Seika Groves

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I would definitely use Passportia again!

We recently applied for citizenship for our two children from South Africa. Jamal from Passportia was highly professional and so positive. From the outset he assured us that it was possible despite many other companies saying they could not help us. We are pleased to say that both children are now officially British citizens and I would definitely use Jamal and Passportia again despite the current exchange rate!

Natalie Lentz

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Extremely helpful!

Jamal has been extremely helpful in advising on the best way to obtain dual citizenship and has made the whole process as smooth and painless as possible. I can highly recommend his services and the efficient and professional manner in which he has guided me through every step.

Tobias Schneider

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Very responsive and attentive!

Very responsive and attentive to detailed questions about documents I had to provide. I strongly recommend Passportia for their professional support.

A comment (not about Passportia): I chose to use USPS Priority Express mail to send my documents, specifically for the tracking, which was a mistake because although the documents were delivered to the UK in the estimated time, the USPS never scanned or posted any tracking information.

Bob Dunn

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Most appreciative!

Passportia managed to speed up my applications even through covid lock down ...I was most appreciative

Jackie Kloppers

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My application was somewhat complex in that it related to a recent amendment to rights of ancestral British citizenship. My experience with Passportia has been that they have always been prompt and efficient when responding to queries and they have an in depth knowledge of their areas of expertise. I have no hesitation in recommending Passportia in matters relating to UK citizenship.

W.R. - Johannesburg, South Africa