In Germany, records such as birth and marriage certificates are generally stored at local level and have not been digitised nor duplicated at the national level. In some cases, private collectors own the town records. This means that the effort needed to locate and obtain birth certificates, marriage certificates and copies of other records is far greater than in English speaking countries like the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada or Australia.

In addition, the birth of an ancestor in Germany is not of itself proof he had German citizenship, so other evidence is often required. Furthermore, Germany has strict data protection laws and access to personal records has to be authorised by surviving descendants.

There are a number of other ways a person would be able to obtain German citizenship:

  • Through marriage by a foreign woman to a German man, if the marriage occurred between 1914 and March 1953
  • Since 1977, through adoption of a child by a German citizen
  • Through legimisation of a child, until 30. June 1998
  • Through naturalisation on German soil
  • Through restoration of citizenship, be it of discretionary nature or by claim
  • Working for the German government from 1871 to 31 August 1953


The German government is now taking at least three years to process citizenship applications to people outside Germany, so we feel unable to provide our clients with the service that we would want to.  So, for the time being, we are not providing services for German Citizenship.  We are monitoring the situation and may resume services should things change.  We hope that the information above was useful. If so, please let us know on one of our social media platforms, such as our Facebook page.


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