I am very impressed by the service I received from Passportia. The application process was easy and quick. Within hours of contacting them I had an answer as to whether I could get British Citizenship. Passportia were very helpful and started work on the application straight away. My application for British Citizenship was processed within 6 months.

by Lindsay Hague | | Testimonials

Passportia is efficient, thorough and good at what they do. We managed to get UK passports with their help, they guided us through the complex process. They are reliable and accountable.

by Eleisa Coster | | Testimonials

Passportia was great! Angelika did exactly as she said she would. It took a while, but passportia and Angelika were behind us the whole time. Well worth it! I highly recommend them. Thank you!

by Toby Ballentine | | Testimonials

I would highly recommend the services of Passportia. They handled my application with the utmost professionalism and advice throughout the processes. I can especially commend Jamal for his support and commitment to a successful outcome.

by Werner van Zyl | | Testimonials

Amazing service from Passportia, specifically Jamal. His continuous feedback, advice and professionalism when applying for my daughter's UK citizenship and passport put my mind at ease throughout the entire application process and the final turnaround time was much quicker and less stressful than I could have imagined. I would most definitely recommend their services for anyone who needs assistance or advice regarding UK citizenship.

by Paul Reid | | Testimonials

I recently learned about an opportunity to claim my British Citizenship. I chose Passportia to assist me with the process. I was delighted by the prompt, courteous service and professionalism. Mr. Jamal handled all of the details and secured my citizenship without any difficulties. I highly recommend Passportia to any who may be considering an application for UK citizenship.

| Testimonials

Mr Jamal’s service was very efficient and professional. Highly recommended.

by Alexia Fernholz | | Testimonials

Great and very friendly service. Have recommended Jamal to several of my friends already!

by Maximilian Moser | | Testimonials

Jamal at Passportia provided an exemplary service We are very pleased with the outcome of our applications.

by Claudia Roberts | | Testimonials

Jamal has been very helpful, he followed me all the way through my application that was quick and smooth. He always answers to emails within minutes. Thank you Passportia!

by Marina Lomboni | | Testimonials

Very happy with how Jamal at Passportia handled my application for British Citizenship. I had dreaded the process, with the endless application forms and untold documents and information that I had to supply. He efficiently guided me through every step of the way, explaining everything clearly and answering my many questions. I really felt well looked after and reassured and got both my permanent residence card and my Citizenship approved in record time. Quick, friendly, professional and reliable service - it doesn't get better than that! Definitely recommend.

by Christine Wood | | Testimonials

We applied for our young sons British Citizenship with his passport to follow. Mr Jamal is an absolute star. He is professional, efficient, knowledgeable and above all friendly and courteous. A true gentleman in every sense of the word. It was so nice having someone "in our corner" fighting for us. Mr Jamal, explained everything so simply. He kept us in the loop every step of the way and we were made to feel part of the family as opposed to just a number in the queue. I highly, highly, highly recommend using Passportia and Mr Jamal in particular. Such a breath of fresh air dealing with a company who is on the ball and who really cares about there customers. It was really top notch service. Thank you Mr Jamal! ... Thank you Passportia!

by Ian Thompson | | Testimonials

Jamal has been extremely helpful, always responding to emails instantly. He explained the detailed steps and in a way that are easy to understand weighing in all the pros and cons. I would highly using this company and in particular Jamal.

by Kathleenk1980 | | Testimonials

Passportia was recommended to me by a friend who used their service, and I employed them in order to assist me with my Permanent Residency. Jamal at Passportia was highly knowledgeable and familiar with the bureaucratic realities of the immigration system. He was able to identify and execute the best course of action in order for me to achieve my PR. I highly recommend Jamal as your immigration advisor, he is excellent!

by Isa Isa | | Testimonials

Thank you Jamal from Passportia for the efficient way you assisted me with my British citizenship. He explained so well what was required with little effort on my side. It was a very efficient process and well worth it! I recommend Passportia to anyone who requires their services.

by Diana Coleman | | Testimonials

This company is seriously a gem of all gems!! Especially, Jamal, whom I'm pretty sure was a Saint in a former life. He was patient with me while I got all my evidence together for my case. During which time I had a lot of family stuff going on and it definitely took me longer than I had planned to get it all turned in. He answered any question I had and was very attentive to replying to my emails. All in all, I had a great experience with Passportia and I would highly recommend this company to anyone who is looking for someone to represent them in a Citizenship case.

by Ashley Denton | | Testimonials

Thanks Jamal and Passportia for making the process so easy from start to finish to get my British citizenship sorted. Jamal kept in touch throughout the process, resolved and questions immediately, was very informative, and overall made the journey less stressful. Thank you Jamal.

by Chris Van Doorn | | Testimonials

I cannot recommend Passportia and Jamal highly enough - I applied for my first British Passport and he explained every step to take and assisted throughout the entire process. All my questions, calls, emails etc were answered extremely promptly and professionally. If you're looking at various options, I would definitely put Passportia at the top of your list.

by William Hook | | Testimonials

My experience of dealing with Passportia on my case was excellent. They dealt with myself and made me feel comfortable with everything. Always positive and insightful. I recommend their services 100%. They certainly know what they are doing and certainly know how to handle all cases within the legal rights of the law. I am truly grateful for everything they have done for myself and my family on our complex case.

by Victor James Ramos | | Testimonials

I started looking in to the process of getting my ancestral visa several months ago. At that time I contacted Jamal, he advised me to change direction and instead apply for British Citizenship. This was definitely the right path to pursue. Jamal advised me about getting the appropriate documents, including my father's birth certificate, this was complicated by his adoption as a child. He walked me through each step of the process and was very patient with all my questions. I was impressed at the turn around time to receive my passport, especially as I had to send my documents from overseas; we had anticipated 10 weeks, but the time was much less than that. I would highly recommend Passportia and Jamal to anyone seeking their citizenship.

by Shelley Cotton | | Testimonials

Fast and effective service. Really good support along the way. Thank you

by Anthony Hawke | | Testimonials

We have been trying to get our daughters citizenship for some time and had received incorrect advice previously. Jamal at Passportia gave us all the information and helped in our application to get this done. He was thorough and was frank about the process and the risks. I would highly recommend Jamal and Passportia to anyone!

by Vinay Ruparell | | Testimonials

I can’t thank Mr. M Jamal enough for all his help in getting my British citizenship within 6 months. I am an American citizen and my father is from England which means it should be easy for me to get a British passport right?!? WRONG! It’s so much to get done in the process and the rules changing so frequently the UK has made it 5x’s harder to apply but thanks to Jamal, who made the process quick and painless. Now I am able to live in Europe without the headaches of visas.

by Jacklyn Phillips | | Testimonials

Highly recommend Jamal from Passportia for helping me get my British citizenship and passport in record time!

by June Johnson | | Testimonials

I can't recommend Passportia and Jamal enough. Jamal assisted with my application for British Citizenship Status Confirmation, which was approved and confirmed. And, he is now in the process of assisting me with my British passport application. Jamal is so professional and guided me through every step. He would answer all my questions and queries promptly. Passportia definitely know their stuff when it comes to British Citizen Claims.

by Shelley Burt | | Testimonials

I certainly recommend Passportia for Immigration advice. I have received so many contradictory immigration advice from individuals and Jamal from Passportia was able to give me the correct advice in obtaining correct document, backing it up with the facts of Immigration law. Certainly would make use of their services. Very professional.

by Corne Rinaldi | | Testimonials

THANK YOU THANK YOU. I have been down a long road of trying to source the correct information from various passport/visa companies and found it hard to speak to an actual person who could lead me in the right direction and hold my hand through the process. Then I found Jamal from Passportia. I cannot praise him enough. His professionalism and constant communication made me feel like I was in the safest hands. He made phone calls and accepted whatsapp messages from me at the craziest of times and nothing was too much trouble. He made me feel like i was his only client. Today my daughter received her British Passport. I am beyond thanks for all his expertise and service. I am so grateful to the person who recommended him to me so I am passing this on to you.

by Tiffany Lumley | | Testimonials

Jamal's service was excellent. He kept me up to date with the application and made the whole process easier than I thought possible.

by Richard Boardman | | Testimonials

M Jamal of Passportia has really been excellent in helping me to obtain my British Citizenship. He was always most helpful from the first phone call that I made to him. From there on his professionalism and expertise smoothed out all the humps. Well done!

by Hugh and Alison Roberts | | Testimonials

Passportia helped me with a citizenship application in the spring/summer of 2018. After many years of delay and concerns about pursuing the matter on my own, I found Passportia through a web search. Their team answered all of my many questions, provided me with all necessary instructions and paperwork, and were exceptionally professional and responsive from the very first interaction. Their attentiveness provided me with peace of mind throughout the process. Their fee structure was very clear and I was billed a flat fee with no additional charges. I would highly recommend them to anyone in need of their services.

by Renee M Soucy | | Testimonials

I am a Jamaican and British citizen who was migrating to the UK and looking to apply for my Jamaican husband to join me there. After asking a number of questions Jamal was able to determine the best course of action. He then guided us throughout every stage the application process. I was impressed by his professionalism and found him to be consistently available and responsive. I would definitely recommend Jamal and Passportia. Thank you Jamal!

by Rachel Chen | | Testimonials

Thank you M. Jamal. Your service was absolutely amazing and I know that it was through your hard work, and dedication, that my citizenship came through so fast. You were always professional and you constantly kept me well informed as my application was progressing. The advice you also afforded me helped me navigate through many a mine field. I have absolute faith referring two of my friends to you, as I know you will give them the same amazing service you gave me. Thank you M. Jamal.

by Verity Knott | | Testimonials

Jamal was a pleasure to deal with. Excellent service. He answered my questions within 24 hours. I now have my British Citizenship and very proud. I am hoping to meet Jamal in July and thank him personally with a cup of coffee. Once again Jamal, thank you.

by Dee Boast | | Testimonials

Jamal - Passportia, I wanted to thank you again for all of your help and hard work during my UK spouse visa application, which got approved with no issues. I am a British citizen, who got married for the second time and was trying to bring my wife to the UK. I was very concerned about the application’s outcome as I had a limited company and I wasn’t sure if my application will get accepted or rejected due to the laws changing very frequently. I really appreciate your professionalism, responsiveness, dedication, attention to details, and how you anticipate possible problems and prepare for them. Combined with your friendly attitude, it makes you someone very enjoyable to work with. Your help and support gave me peace of mind and made my life much easier. I’m glad I chose you to represent me.

by Mansoor Shaikh | | Testimonials

As an Australian seeking to claim citizenship by descent, I did a lot of online searching before deciding to engage Passportia. I was particularly impressed that they were upfront about their fee structure. Jamal was incredibly helpful and provided clear instructions throughout the process. I'm very happy with the service I received and felt it was excellent value for money.

by Anneliese Gillard | | Testimonials

We found Passportia to be very helpful. We are Australian Citizens and my husband's mother was born in England. We tried to apply for British citizenship online and found it was difficult to get the correct applicable information. After speaking to Jamal we were a lot more informed and felt confident that Jamal (Passportia) would take care of the required processes professionally and securely. My husband attained his citizenship and we will now look at the options for my visa. We would certainly recommend Passportia.

by RezArt | | Testimonials

The services and communication of Jamal - Passportia is exceptional and professional. We were constantly kept up to date and all information was explained to us in detail. Jamal - Passportia went above and beyond! I highly recommend their services. My family are truly happy and thankful clients.

by Ashley Gutridge | | Testimonials

Jamal was fantastic in helping me obtain a UK spouse visa. He was a pleasure to work with, always available to answer any questions or concerns. I would highly recommend Jamal to anyone looking for guidance in regards to UK immigration.

by Tiffany Merritt | | Testimonials

Your prompt turnaround time was remarkable and the information you shared was most concise and valuable.

by L.B. - Johannesburg, South Africa, 2015 | | Testimonials

You were so helpful in answering my questions and I really appreciate your advice. It is extremely difficult to find a service that can offer advice for citizenship issues. I highly recommend your services to anyone seeking help with UK citizenship. Good luck for the future.

by C.A. - Colorado, USA, January 2015 | | Testimonials

I am thrilled I have been approved. Thank you for your help, guidance and wisdom in the application process.

by V.C. - British Columbia, Canada, 2014 | | Testimonials

My case was dealt from start to finish in a very professional manner, I would definitely share my experience to all my friends and family. The service given to me was very professional.

by K.V. - London, UK, 2014 | | Testimonials

My new British Passport has arrived. I just wanted to thank you for your professional service and efficiency. Mission accomplished now.

by R.D. - Cape Town , South Africa, 2014 | | Testimonials

I'm extremely happy and very grateful to you and your hard work, for all your care and attention with my case. I truly do appreciate everything you have done for me and my family.

by M.D. - London, UK, 2014 | | Testimonials

I did speak to a gentleman, "Alex", who gave me the information I needed. Thank you all so much. This is truly a terrific division/agency/service and I have already been telling my friends about it! Thank you again.

by C.M. - Washington, USA, 2014 | | Testimonials

Thank you so much for handling my application for U.K citizenship so efficiently and seamlessly. I certainly wish to commend you and all at Passportia, who have been most obliging, helpful and thoroughly professional in dealing with this matter.

by P.R. - Johannesburg, South Africa, 2014 | | Testimonials

This morning Julian and I attended the British Consulate in Sydney and became British itizens - thank you so much for all your help in getting this done for us. We could never have worked our way through the mire to do it ourselves - you and your Company were a God-send!

by F.M. & J.M. - Sydney, Australia, 2014 | | Testimonials

As a result of your friendly approach, I was able not only to see you in person but also to receive a short, direct and readily actionable answer to my question regarding my acquisition of a British passport. I shall certainly recommend you to others who need such advice/assistance.

by A.M. - London, UK, 2014 | | Testimonials

I am very happy about your work. Very straightforward advice and very clear and honest with your client. Thank you.

by K.P. - London, UK, 2015 | | Testimonials

I wanted my children to have British passports, which have arrived. After years of frustration and bad advice I came across Passportia. They presented a legal opinion to the UK Home Office who eventually accepted my children were British citizens. I can really recommend Passportia.

by H.R. - Botswana, 2015 | | Testimonials

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank you for all your guidance and efforts that resulted in a successful outcome for this case. Having UK citizenship has been tremendously significant in my life, and I'm most grateful to you that my children will now experience this too.I'd like to take this opportunity to thank you for all your guidance and efforts that resulted in a successful outcome for this case. Having UK citizenship has been tremendously significant in my life, and I'm most grateful to you that my children will now experience this too.

by H.A. - Pretoria, South Africa, 2015 | | Testimonials

I am very grateful for all your excellent work on my complicated case for British citizenship. My British passport arrived last week, and will make a huge difference to my life. I publicly recommend you to others. Thank you again.

by F.J. - London, UK, 2015 | | Testimonials

Everyone told me that I didn't have a chance to get a passport. Searching on the web for immigration lawyers I found Passportia and they found the way for me to get a passport. In a couple of months I got my British Passport.

by F.J. - Argentina, 2015 | | Testimonials

Passportia did a first-class job in getting British citizenship for my 2 adopted children in Sri Lanka. Their excellent preparation and credibility with the Home Office made all the difference. I can't recommend them highly enough. Thank you Passportia.

by J.A. - Sri Lanka, 2015 | | Testimonials

Minor registration completed and passports in my possession! As discussed, I am happy for you to give my mobile number to selected clients, should they wish to understand my experience firsthand. I have been most satisfied with Passportia.

by H.A. - Pretoria, South Africa, 2015 | | Testimonials

I sought the services of Passportia to get my adopted son British citizenship . They were very professional, extremely knowledgeable and were always willing to help and advise where needed. I am grateful for all they did to achieve the successful outcome.

by C.S. - Johannesburg, South Africa, 2015 | | Testimonials

I would just like to thank you very much for all the assistance received during my recent British Passport application. Without your assistance and guidance I probably wouldn't have managed at all. I commend you on your professional advice and would without any doubt recommend Passportia Ltd to any prospective applicants.

by W.L. - Rustenberg, South Africa, 2015 | Testimonials

My application was somewhat complex in that it related to a recent amendment to rights of ancestral British citizenship. My experience with Passportia has been that they have always been prompt and efficient when responding to queries and they have an in depth knowledge of their areas of expertise.

by W.R. - Johannesburg, South Africa, 2015 | Testimonials