Why Passportia?

Moving to another country is an important life event. Using an experienced immigration adviser like Passportia for UK immigration advice helps to reduce risks and maximise success.

Whether you are still thinking about possible options or have already identified a particular immigration category, we can work for you. We can identify visa or citizenship routes that you may not have thought of,

Remember – information submitted with an application cannot be removed, and a failed application can complicate prospects of a future application, even an application in a different category.

We can assess your eligibility for different immigration options...

Our Services

We assist individuals and families wanting to migrate to (or remain in) the UK in many immigration categories, including:

We also specialise in British nationality law, and our services include applications for naturalisation, registration and recognition of existing citizenship, in particular:

  • Naturalisation as a British citizen (for those resident in the UK or serving in UK government or armed forces)
  • Registration of a child as a British citizen (any country)
  • Complex Claim to British nationality through a parent or grandparent from the UK or a British territory

Extending your Leave to Remain in the UK

If you are already in the UK, it is important that you do not overstay your leave or visa. In almost every visa category (unless you are a citizen of a European Union/EEA country) you must extend your leave or visa before it expires, otherwise, there can be serious problems for future applications. The Home Office regularly changes the rules and the requirements to extend your visa may have changed or become more difficult since your last visa was issued. You should prepare for an extension at least 2 months before expiry.

Don’t Have a European Union/EEA Passport but have ancestors from Europe?

We can also assist with claims to an EEA citizenship through a parent, spouse or ancestor from one of the following countries:

  • United Kingdom (British citizenship)
  • Ireland (Irish citizenship)

A citizen listed above can generally work in the UK or other any EEA country

How the British Home Office Works

The correct application forms, correct supporting documents and fee must be submitted together to the Home Office. Application decisions are normally based on the documents originally supplied with the application, so preparation and presentation of information and arguments are crucial to success. Once the information has been supplied, it cannot easily be changed or withdrawn. If your application is refused, the application fee will not be refunded.

Passportia is a specialist citizenship advice firm independent of the UK government and regulated by the Office of Immigration Services Commissioner. Legal advice on how to demonstrate and substantiate a claim to citizenship cannot be obtained from the government.

Our success rate for citizenship claims is over 95%. Please view the many testimonials from satisfied clients.

How Passportia Works

Our most popular service is a comprehensive evaluation and report, prepared with the help of AI. Here, we ask you as our client, to provide details of your ancestry and residence for us to determine your eligibility. The report is usually ready within 10 working days.

We will email the report to you, plus a proposal and quotation should the evaluation yield a positive outcome. Our aim is to make the application as simple as possible for you. You would be working closely with our dedicated British caseworkers to ensure the success of the application. 

As part of our representation, you will be issued with a personalised document checklist, and we will guide you through your application process. Following the decision by the relevant government department, you would receive your citizenship certificate and/or passport.

Our services are of an excellent standard and we have a very high satisfaction rating from past customers (see our Google reviews). Our work is normally done to a fixed price quotation. 

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  • A citizenship law specialist
  • Successful with complex claims
  • Supporting multiple countries
  • Fast, flexible and precise

I’m extremely happy and very grateful to you and your hard work, for all your care and attention with my case. I truly do appreciate everything you have done for me and my family.

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