You would like us to make an assessment of your prospects for British nationality and to draft our findings in a detailed report. This evaluation will take into consideration the history of you and your ancestors to the extent that it appears relevant to us and to the extent of the information that we received before the report was created.

Our Nationality Report includes the following:

  1. Our view as to whether you have British nationality or are eligible to obtain it by grant, based on the information we received.
  2. A Status Trace setting out your nationality history and, where relevant, that of your parents and ancestors.
  3. Comments on UK immigration alternatives to citizenship apparent to us from information provided.
  4. Comments on the likely position of your minor children to the extent it relies on you and is apparent to us from the information provided.
  5. A proposed course of action where possible.

By entering into this agreement, you declare that to the best of your knowledge that any information you will provide (or have provided) to us is accurate and complete, except where stated otherwise.  If any further information that we request is not supplied within four weeks of the date of payment, then we will make assumptions that we consider reasonable based on our knowledge and experience.

You confirm that you understand that the outcome in the report may be positive or negative and may be contingent on assumptions or approximate information. At this stage, Passportia does not have a view on the likely outcome.

Any further information or material corrections received by us in one email within 4 weeks of the completion of the report would be considered and an update to the report may be made at no extra charge.

For children, a family tree which includes data for both parents will be needed. 

Our Fee

Our fee for the Nationality Report is as stated in the quotation on the web form. The service does not include i) locating or obtaining records or evidence of events, ii) further discussion or explanation of a) events which happened (or did not happen) or b) laws affecting nationality, beyond what is stated in the report, iii) preparation or submission of any application to the Home Office.  For residents of the UK and EU, VAT applies and is included in the total fee quoted.

How to Make Payment

Payment is made using PayPal via the web form you were on when you opened this document. PayPal has an excellent reputation and provides a high degree of consumer protection.

Data Protection

The “Passportia GDPR Statement” at https://www.passportia.org/gdpr/ provides information about how your data is processed. By making payment you agree to the terms and conditions set out above and confirm that you read Passportia’s GDPR Statement and consent to the processing of the data you supply in accordance with that statement and have the necessary consents of others.


Passportia aims continually to maintain a high standard of service. If as a client you have any concerns regarding the conduct of your case, then please raise them with the Managing Director, Bruce Mennell. His email address is bmennell@passportia.org.  Please let us know if you would like a copy of our complaints procedure. If we are unable to resolve matters to your satisfaction or you wish to pursue your complaint through other channels, you may contact our regulator the Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner (OISC).

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  • Supporting multiple countries
  • Fast, flexible and precise

I am very grateful for all your excellent work on my complicated case for British citizenship. My British passport arrived last week, and will make a huge difference to my life. I publicly recommend you to others. Thank you again.

F.J. - London, UK