Passportia is a specialist nationality advice firm independent of the UK government and is regulated by the Office of Immigration Services Commissioner.

If you think you may have a complex claim to British Nationality, we can help. We provide an in-depth evaluation process and report for any situation of a complex nature.

Do I have a Standard Claim?

We consider these to be standard claims for British Nationality:

  • You were born in the UK before 1983 and your father was not connected with an embassy or consulate,
  • Your father was born in the UK before 1983 (and your parents were married) and your father’s father was not connected with an embassy or consulate,
  • You were born in the UK after 1982 to a parent who was a British citizen or resident in the UK with Indefinite Leave to Remain (at the time of your birth), or
  • Your father was granted citizenship by the UK government before your birth (and your parents were married).

Applications for a British passport by an applicant in one of the categories above can usually be made without the need for a specialist nationality lawyer. The issues mainly concern evidence and documentation, verification of identity, and sometimes the validity of a marriage.

Do I have a Complex Claim?

Whether you have a complex claim to British Nationality depends on factors such as your family history, including the places and dates of birth of your parents and grandparents. It can also depend on dates of adoption, marriage and the independence provisions of former UK territories.

The following are clues that you may have a complex claim to British nationality.

You or a parent:

  • held a British Passport,
  • was born, adopted, or lived in the UK or a current British territory,
  • was born in a former British territory to a parent born elsewhere or to unmarried parents,
  • was born in a former British territory and did not become a citizen of the independent country,
  • was a citizen of the United Kingdom and Colonies, or a British Protected Person.

How we can help you!

Passportia has developed a process to assess and confirm your position before an application to the UK Home Office is prepared. Our evaluation uses an AI system to explore every possibility to the extent the data supplied to us allows.

Our findings and views are covered in a Nationality Report, which will be completed within 7 to 10 working days.  Siblings or children can be assessed simultaneously at a reduced additional fee. 

If the Nationality Report has a positive outcome, the data gathered in the evaluation can be used to prepare an application to the UK Home Office.  We prepare and make the legal argument for the application and supporting evidence to the Home Office (branch of the UK government handling nationality) for official recognition.

Nationality applications can require a high standard of documentary evidence and argument to achieve a successful outcome. This is our expertise.

Next Steps

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