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Bechuanaland Protectorate (to 29 Sep 1966)
Cameroons - British (to 30 Sep 1961)
Gambia Protectorate (to 17 Feb 1965)
Kenya Protectorate (to 11 Dec 1963)
Nigeria, Protectorate of (to 30 Sep 1960)
Northern Rhodesia (to 23 Oct 1964)
Northern Territories - part of Gold Coast (to 5 Mar 1957)
Nyasaland Protectorate (to 5 Jul 1964)
Sierra Leone, Protectorate of (to 26 Apr 1961)
Somaliland, State of - formerly British Somaliland (to 26 Jun 1960)
South Arabia, Protectorate of (to 29 Nov 1967)
Swaziland (to 14 Apr 1967)
Tanganyika (to 8 Dec 1961)
Togoland, British (to 5 Mar 1957)
Uganda Protectorate (to 8 Oct 1962)
Zanzibar (Sultanate) (to 9 Dec 1963)

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