Who is Passportia?

Passportia Limited is a company, providing specialist citizenship advice, registered in England with company number 8656422. The registered address is Only Connect, 32 Cubitt Street, London WC1X 0LR. It is regulated by the Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner, reference number F201300772 and the Information Commissioner’s Office, registration number A1028939.

Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner (OISC)

The OISC is a public body that regulates providers of advice and services in the UK for British nationality and immigration law.  They exist to maintain high standards and protect consumers. Passportia has been accredited and is regulated by the OISC. For more information please follow this link

It states that: The OISC seeks to protect consumers by ensuring the continuing fitness and competence of registered advisers and organisations, setting standards for registration and promoting good practice throughout the sector. In addition, it operates a scheme to receive complaints relating to immigration advice (whether or not provided by registered organisations) and it enforces the regulatory regime by identifying and, where appropriate, prosecuting individuals who are acting illegally.

How the British Home Office Works

Applications for naturalisation or registration as a British citizen, or official recognition of British nationality, are made to the Home Office.  The correct application forms, correct supporting documents and fee must be submitted to the Home Office. For UK passports, details of how to obtain the application forms (downloaded free of charge) and the application process are available here.

Application decisions for immigration and citizenship are normally based on the documents originally supplied with the application, so preparation and presentation of information and arguments are crucial to success. Once the information has been supplied, it cannot easily be changed or withdrawn. If your application is refused, the application fee will not be refunded.

Passportia is a specialist citizenship advice firm independent of the UK government and is regulated by the Office of Immigration Services Commissioner. Legal advice on how to demonstrate and substantiate a claim to citizenship cannot be obtained from government offices. We offer advice and advocacy services in relation to complex claims for British nationality.

Our success rate for citizenship claims is over 95%. Please view the many testimonials from satisfied clients.

How Passportia Works

Our most popular service is a comprehensive evaluation and report, prepared with the help of AI. Here, we ask you as our client, to provide details of your ancestry and residence for us to determine your eligibility. The report is usually ready within 10 working days.

We will email the report to you, plus a proposal and quotation should the evaluation yield a positive outcome. Our aim is to make the application as simple as possible for you. You would be working closely with our dedicated British caseworkers to ensure the success of the application. 

As part of our representation, you will be issued with a personalised document checklist, and we will guide you through your application process. Following the decision by the relevant government department, you would receive your citizenship certificate and/or passport.

Our services are of an excellent standard and we have a very high satisfaction rating from past customers (see our Google reviews). Our work is normally done to a fixed price quotation. 


  • A citizenship law specialist
  • Successful with complex claims
  • Supporting multiple countries
  • Fast, flexible and precise

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