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German Citizenship

German citizens enjoy many rights and benefits, including a right to a German passport.

German Citizenship (“Staatsangehörigkeit”) can be obtained in a number of ways, the most common being by inheritance or naturalisation:

  • by descent from a German parent or ancestor
  • by legitimation of a child born to a German father to June 1998
  • by adoption by a German parent
  • by a woman by marriage to a German man between 1914 and March 1953
  • by restoration if a German parent or ancestor lost German citizenship under Nazi laws
  • by naturalisation, either on a discretionary basis under the policy, or by residence in Germany
  • by employment by the German government on any date between 1871 and August 1953, including military service.

Former Germans who lost German citizenship as a result of border changes following WWI or WWII, or who are descendants of Germans who migrated to the Russian Empire can – as long as they fulfil the requirements – also reclaim their citizenship.

Proving German citizenship by ancestry often requires copies of family records in Germany or Poland. Passportia can assist with obtaining copies.

These points are a simplified representation of potential claims for German Citizenship and Passports. In practice, an individual case can be far more complicated.


The German government processing times for citizenship applications outside of Germany have increased to over two years, therefore we feel unable to provide new clients with the service that we would want to. So, for the time being, we are not providing services to German Citizenship aside from our existing clients.

We are monitoring the situation and may resume services should things change. We hope that the information above was useful. If so, please let us know on one of our social media platforms, such as our Facebook page.


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