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Passportia performs applications for family reunion, including spouses and civil partners, fiancées and unmarried partners. If you are separated from your family members the situation can be stressful. We are experienced in such cases and understand the urgency and importance of supporting you through the process. The restrictions on the right of appeal against visa refusals from outside the UK means that it is very important ensure the application is prepared thoroughly, by someone who knows the law in depth and has handled applications before.

If your partner is overseas and you want to sponsor them to join you in the UK, our advisors can help you understand the requirements and guide you through the application process in order to better your chance of success and to expedite the process.

We advise on meeting the financial and accommodation requirements when these apply. We are also able to investigate whether you can make use of the more generous provisions of EU law where one family member is an EEA national or routes to British citizenship.

The Possibilities

A person who does not have British citizenship can potentially get for the purpose of residence in the UK leave to enter or remain in the UK, or exemption from leave, through one of these channels, where the spouse or partner:

  1. has been granted (or is being granted) leave in category that covers dependents, such as through UK ancestry or a work permit.
  2. has been settled in UK (or is being admitted for settlement). [Immigration Rules Appendix FM, “Spouse Visa”]
  3. is exempt from control through his or her employment, typically with an embassy, consulate, visiting military force or international organisation.
  4. has a parent who is an EU citizen or partner of an EU citizen, if entry to the UK takes place before the end of 2020.

Leave under 1, 2 or 3 above is normally only granted on entry to the UK to a partner who obtained the appropriate entry clearance or visa from a British consulate or visa application centre in the partner’s country of residence.

Here are some important points that practitioners often overlook:

  1. Sometimes more than one alternative is available, but one route may be easier or have superior long-term benefits.
  2. The requirements for the EU rules are significantly easier than the normal immigration rules, which have significant financial requirements for the sponsoring partner
  3. There may be an option to be registered as a British citizen, potentially through ancestry.
  4. A female Commonwealth citizen who before 1983 married a man who had UK citizenship (and later became a British citizen) may herself have right of abode.

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