Passportia is a specialist in nationality and immigration services independent of any government. It is regulated by the Office of Immigration Services Commissioner, a public body. Applications for British nationality, passports, entry clearance and visas are made to the UK government, but the government does not give legal advice. In our experience, many people who are (or eligible to become) a British citizen do not know this, and those who have applied without professional advice have not succeeded.

Passportia is a leading UK nationality and immigration law firm and is committed to providing the very best legal advice:

  • Our extensive legal experience in passports and citizenship allows us to assist you in establishing and then proving if you are already a British citizen or other British national, or eligible to become one through registration or naturalisation. In our experience, many people in this situation are not aware of their status or opportunities.
  • Our immigration specialists can assist individuals or families to migrate to the UK, or extend their leave.

We aim to remove the complexity and uncertainty from the process of proving or getting British citizenship or visas, and we are able to help with any of the categories listed below.

British Citizenship Services

We also specialise in claims to British nationality, including British citizenship through:

UK Immigration Services

Extending your visa in the UK

If you are already in the UK, it is important that you do not overstay your leave or visa. In almost every visa category (unless you are a citizen of a European Union/EEA country) you must extend your leave or visa before it expires, otherwise there can be serious problems for future applications. The Home Office regularly changes the rules and the requirements to extend your visa may have changed or become more difficult since your last visa was issued. You should prepare for an extension at least 2 months before expiry.

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  • A citizenship law specialist
  • Successful with complex claims
  • Supporting multiple countries
  • Fast, flexible and precise

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My case was dealt from start to finish in a very professional manner, I would definitely share my experience to all my friends and family.  The service given to me was very professional.

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