A person may apply to become a British citizen by registration. The application for British Nationality or Citizenship must be made under a specific category, with its own form, fee, set of requirements and long term implications.  A few categories require residence in the UK.  There are hundreds of circumstances under which a person may potentially qualify, many being through a parent or grandparent or colonial connection. Each situation has to be assessed individually. There are 18 main categories.

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Main categories for registration as a British citizen

A person born in the UK after 1982 who did not become a British citizen at birth and:

  • whose mother or father acquired indefinite leave to remain or permanent residence in the UK after the birth, or
  • who was resident in the UK from birth to the age of 10 years old, or
  • who has been stateless (had no other citizenship).

A person still aged under 18 years who did not become a British citizen at birth and:

  • who is living in the UK without time restriction and has been living lawfully for at least 3 years, or
  • whose father was a British citizen at their birth (before July 2006) and never married the mother, or
  • whose mother or father was a British citizen at their birth and that parent resided in the UK or a British overseas territory for 3 years before the birth, or
  • whose mother or father was a British citizen at their birth and that person and both parents resided in the UK or a British overseas territory for 3 years prior to the application, or
  • who is stateless (has no citizenship) and whose mother or father was a British citizen at their birth, or
  • whose parent is a British citizen and has been in service for the UK government or the British armed forces, or
  • whose mother or father is a British citizen and the family has maintained close links with the UK, the UK government or business in the UK, or
  • the applicant needs British citizenship to pursue a career in the UK, on compassionate grounds or for some special reason.

Discretionary routes/alternate routes that are possible if a person:

  • was born before July 2006 and who would have automatically become a British citizen had his or her parents been married to each other, or,
  • was born before 1983 and who would have automatically become a British citizen in 1983 had his or her mother been treated as a married male under the law in force before 1983, or,
  • is a British Overseas citizen, British subject, British National (Overseas) or British protected person and has no other citizenship, or
  • renounced British citizenship or pre-1983 citizenship of the United Kingdom and Colonies and has a connection with the UK or remaining British Overseas territory, or
  • is a British overseas territories citizen who did not automatically become a British citizen on 24 February 2002.

Good character requirement

Some registration categories have a good character requirement. This is applied to a person aged over 10 years. A person who has in the last 10 years been bankrupted, has had a criminal conviction or charge pending, has been the subject of a civil action (lawsuit), who has not paid tax due or resided in the UK unlawfully, may fail the good character test.  The policies on good character are complex and evolving, and allow for exceptions. A good argument with the application can make a difference.

Passportia's services

An application can be made by a parent on behalf of a child aged under 18 years.

Registration is usually cheaper and easier than naturalisation, and there is no need to take a Life in the UK Test or English language test, or in most cases, to have lived or worked in the UK or a British territory.

People who become British citizens under some categories may in some cases be able to pass on British citizenship to children aged less than 18 years through discretionary registration.

Passportia can find out if you qualify, and then prepare a legal opinion to get you a British Passport with the best possible chances and least hassle.

As part of our representation, you will be issued with a personalised document checklist, and we will guide you through your application process. Following the decision by the relevant government department, you would receive your citizenship certificate and/or passport.

Our services are of an excellent standard and we have a very high satisfaction rating from past customers (see our Google reviews). Our work is normally done to a fixed price quotation. 

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