The Nationality and Borders Bill has moved slowly through the British Parliament. It should soon become the Nationality and Borders Act 2022. For many people with British ancestry and seeking British citizenship, this new law will be a bonanza.

by Bruce Mennell | | Blog

The Nationality and Borders Bill adds to the British Nationality Act 1981 a new section 4L for remedying past “unfairness” in the law. A person who would automatically have become a British citizen, or ever been eligible to become a British citizen, had the law been “fair”, should soon be eligible to become a British citizen by application.

The tests for various forms of unfairness are subjective and will be influenced by Home Office policy, still to be published. However, section 4L sets out some criteria concerning gender equality and unmarried parents, which we believe are clear enough.  A catch is that a person who was once eligible to become a British citizen may not benefit now.  Discovering people who lost out only due to historic unfairness is a complex exercise that practitioners will find difficult. We will be using our processes and systems which have been updated for the new law as much as feasible. 

Typical cases will be variations on these scenarios:

  • a person with a grandparent born in the UK before 1983 or Ireland before 6 December 1922,
  • a person born before 1983 to a father who married before 1949 a woman who or whose parent was born in the UK,
  • a person who married before 1983 a UK citizen or person in a category above.

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