A collage of stamps depicting the QueenPassportia specialises in providing advice on citizenship laws and has the most comprehensive collection of citizenship laws in existence.

In addition, we maintain a large library of laws, regulations, judgements, official policy documents and legal commentary to aid applications in borderline situations.

Passportia’s main services include the following:

  • Evaluation of whether a person has or can get citizenship through family history (also known as a “Status Trace”)
  • Production of a detailed legal opinion following a full evaluation
  • Guiding the application to a government for a certificate of citizenship as evidence of existing citizenship
  • Guiding the application for acquisition of citizenship on the basis of family history
  • Guiding the application for recovery of citizenship previously renounced or revoked
  • Guiding the application for the registration of a birth at a consulate
  • Advice regarding the refusal of a passport on the grounds of nationality or identity.

Countries Supported

Passportia provides advice and services for the citizenship law of these countries:

In some cases, Passportia cannot represent a client in relation to an application or an appeal.

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  • A citizenship law specialist
  • Successful with complex claims
  • Supporting multiple countries
  • Fast, flexible and precise

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