Secure your own and your children’s future British nationality. Could you or your children obtain British citizenship before the 30th of June 2021?

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With the new EU and Brexit policy firmly in place now for EU citizens in the UK, with further changes due on the 30th of June 2020 for EU citizens who have PR over the EU settlement, act now to obtain your British nationality for yourself and your children. (insert contact us)

With the UK leaving the EU, the UK is bringing new regulations for European citizens who hold Permanent Residence in the UK, from the 30th June 2021 will need to apply for the EU settled Status, as the EU PR cards become invalid. 

Whilst you still have the valid PR card Passportia can prepare and submit your Citizenship application to secure your future in the UK from further changes to the immigration rules. (insert contact us) Contact Us

This can also affect any children who have been born in the UK before you obtained Permanent residency, Passportia can register your children as British and secure their British passports on your behalf. (insert contact us)

Don’t worry if you have not applied for the EU SS status, or now historically the EU PR card. Any children born after you living here for 5 years could qualify for a British passport (insert contact us) Contact Us

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Passportia is a global immigration company based in London, providing bespoke immigration solutions and preparing unique tailored British citizenship when people need it most. We use a unique system that is efficient and economical in time and money for all our clients, no matter where you are in the world. This more effective and faster than other immigration companies. 

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