Do you or a family member currently hold BN(O) status or curious to know whether there’s a chance? As of January 31, 2021, the Home Office have opened avenues to British citizenship for Hong Kong BN(O) nationals and visa solutions. Your children maybe British and you don’t even know it!

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“We have been clear we won’t look the other way when it comes to Hong Kong. We will live up to our historic responsibility to its people”- Dominic Raab

“I am immensely proud that we have brought in this new route for Hong Kong BN(O)s to live, work and make their home in our country.

In doing so we have honoured our profound ties of history and friendship with the people of Hong Kong, and we have stood up for freedom and autonomy – values both the UK and Hong Kong hold dear.” -Boris Johnson

With the politically volatile environment that British National Overseas and British citizens are currently experiencing in Hong Kong, the British government have now opened routes that were previously not available after 01/01/1983. 

Historically, Britain had close ties with Hong Kong as a British overseas territory, which came to an end in 1997, with the hand back of Hong Kong to the Chinese authorities.

About 350,000 BN(O) passport holders, and 2.6 million others who are eligible, can now come to the UK for five years. And after a further year, they will be able to apply for citizenship. 

British National Overseas Passport holders in Hong Kong were granted special status in the 1980s but currently have restricted rights and are only entitled to visa-free access to the UK for six months. Before 1983 a BNO passport holder could enter the United Kingdom, work, study and live in the UK for a period of time, and then qualify automatically for British Citizenship.  This then had an effect on children born after 1983, which could mean they might qualify for Right of Abode in the UK. 

BN(O) Visa Route: Key Facts

Since this immigration route has opened on the 31st of January 2021, many Hong Kong citizens are selling up properties, finding new jobs and looking to relocate to the UK with haste. The new BN(O) visa includes the NHS surcharge (at a reduced rate) but over a 5-year period per dependent child. This adds a further £2,350 (as of January 2020), and settlement fees per person at the end of 5 years. Not to mention the naturalisation fee which is in excess of £1000 which generally rises each year. 

This can add an exponential amount to family visa fees, that can take up a huge chunk of limited relocation costs. With the current climate in Hong Kong leaving a family member in Hong Kong, whilst one person leaves to set up and find employment in the UK can make the process an expensive and dangerous time for families left behind waiting for the ability to move.

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