Relocating to a foreign country can be exciting and thrilling, but also daunting when you think of all the logistics for you and your family. New culture, new schools, new job, new neighbours and new home. Before you make the move, are you certain that everything has thoroughly been investigated and you weighed the possibility of applying for British citizenship?

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Starting the process of emigration can be quite unnerving, especially when dependent spouse children are involved. Not to mention the steep fee structure on the government costs from Entry Clearance to Indefinite Leave to Remain with all possible extensions in between.

Now, with the ability to claim citizenship based on historical links to Great Britain and Northern Ireland, some intend to register as British with the plan to relocate to the United Kingdom with their family thereafter. By doing so, you can fall into the trap of possibly having to leave your family behind while the newly registered British citizen searches for employment in the UK to satisfy the financial requirements of Appendix FM (Family members of a Settled or British citizen) that came into effect in July 2012.

On several occasions, Appendix FM has been taken to court without any movement on the removal of the draconian rules set upon families of British citizens, as well as extortionate government fees over the period of 5 years, make it uneconomical and an extremely stressful period for your family.

In some cases, a Commonwealth national with grandparents born in the United Kingdom can avoid the Appendix FM rules. We at Passportia Ltd can guide you honestly with expert advice on the best way forward for you and your family to stay together when relocating and obtaining British nationality for you and your family as well.

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More Information on National Insurance Numbers

Whilst the move across continents can be scary, applying for a national insurance number is free and easy on the official government website. 

If you were in the UK previously working, it may be the case that you already have a National insurance number (also known as a NINO) and you can also find the information on how to find your old National insurance number on the same page.  Below are some other pages that you might find interesting to get a head start and find out information for when you make that big move!

Below are some other useful links to get you settled and started in the UK:

Schools if you have children:

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