On the 22 October 2020, The UK government published the Statement of Changes in Immigration Rules which set out the legal framework for the new immigration system. This will apply to both EU and non-EU citizens.

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The Skilled Worker visa – formally known Tier 2 (general) Migrant visa, now has more government intervention than previously. This category of visa still operates as an employer sponsored application.

The UK’s immigration changes for 2021 introduce a new era of immigration control that subjects both EU and non-EU citizens to the same regulations. Under the new points-based immigration system (PBS), applicants will need at least 70 points to be eligible for a visa.

Employers wishing to employ non EU citizens, have to first obtain a sponsorship license with the UKVI.

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Skilled Worker Route: Key Facts

The new category will apply to a larger subset of jobs than Tier 2 visas due to opening the route up to Regulated Qualifications Framework (RQF) level 3 (A-Level) jobs, which is a significantly larger pool than those jobs previously eligible at RQF level 6 (degree level) and above.

  • There will be no cap placed on the number of people who can come to the UK and the Resident Labour Market test will be scrapped. This means that less paperwork is involved for the employer and they would not need to advertise the position for 28-days before the position is filled.
  • Points will be assigned for specific skills, qualifications, salaries and shortage occupations and visas will be awarded to those who gain sufficient points.
  • Applicants will have to score a total of 70 points in order to work in the UK. Basic requirements include English proficiency (10 points), a confirmed job offer from a sponsored employer (20 points) and an offer at the appropriate skill level (20 points).
  • To make up the remaining 20 points to reach the 70 required, applicants will have to be offered salaries at GBP 25,600 or above (£20,480 for those in health or education positions).
  • The new rules of the UK’s immigration changes for 2021 also clarify that only basic gross pay can be used to meet the salary threshold. Other benefits and allowances such cost of living or accommodation benefits cannot be included.

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Frequently asked Questions

How does this affect current Tier 2 Sponsors?

Existing Tier 2 sponsors will not have to apply for a new licence and will instead have their sponsor licences automatically transferred over to the new system. Existing Tier 2 visa holders are not required to take any action, although they will need to meet the requirements of the new routes at extension and permanent residence status.

Is there a Cooling Off Period?

The six-year maximum period of stay and cooling-off period common under the Tier 2 visa will be relaxed. Please seek on these matters.

Can I switch to this visa?

It will be also possible to switch into the skilled worker route from most other visa categories without having to leave the UK.

More Information

A new fast-track visa is available to top scientists and researchers that will allow them to go to the UK without a job offer. This global talent scheme replaces the Tier 1 (Exceptional Talent) route and applicants can be endorsed directly by UKRI (UK Research and Innovation).

The Home Office has also launched a new priority service for expedited processing of sponsor licence applications.

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